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What to do if you lose your car keys and how to replace them? — June 7, 2014

What to do if you lose your car keys and how to replace them?

Losing your car keys can be a very big problem. Replacing them can be very expensive if one of the keys you need to replace is the kind of new sophisticated microchipped remote control device that is now common with new models. You have three alternatives for replacing your keys: your car dealer, a locksmith or a vendor mail-order car-key. The last two options are cheaper than first one.
Car dealer
The car dealer from which you bought car, can replace the ignition key and entry key or keyless entry remote.
They simply need the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and your documentation for the car to confirm that you purchased
vehicle from them. Dealers often charge a steep price however, anywhere between $150 to $350 to replace a
remote control device. So going to the dealer should not be your first solution, unless your need is urgent and no
alternative is already available.

In case to avoid the cost of an expensive key replacement from your car dealer, make a consulting with a locksmith.
An ordinary key may be replaceable for a couple of dollars. Many locksmiths can make a keyless remote for you,
in which case the fee is likely to be tens of dollars rather than hundreds of dollars.
The locksmith will need the VIN to
cut a correct key or make a keyless remote. (Since the VIN number can be used to obtain a copy of your remote,
it is a good idea to keep it hidden with a bit of tape to help thwart thieves).


How do car immobilizers work? —

How do car immobilizers work?

An immobilizer cuts power to the starter, or the ignition and in most cases the fuel supply.

The immobilizer can only be deactivated by transponder which sends a signal to the immobilizer
unit and allows the vehicle to start. The immobilizer controls electricity in your vehicle’s fuel system,
started and ignition. The transponder in your key signals the immobilizer to activate them.

In some immobilizers, the transponder is imbedded right in the key. In other ones,
it is located in a fob that hangs from your keychain.
Without the transponder immobilizer would not allow power to flow to the starter, fuel supply and ignition.
If someone tries to steal your car, it would not start.
The immobilizers are the best protection against vehicle theft.

You can hear that some vehicles with factory installed and after market immobilizers are being stolen.
That is because some immobilizers do not meet all requirements of the ULC S338 Canadian standard.
This kind of an immobilizers may only disable two systems in a vehicle, or may not use a transponder based security system.
Immobilizers disable three vehicle systems, use transponder technology,
and can withstand prolonged attacks. When installed according to national standards,
these immobilizers can not been defeated by auto thieves.

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