What mean IMMO OFF?

Car have a immobilizer. Because of problems, in some cases, you need to turn immobilizer off.
These files are eeprom or flash files with already disabled immobilizer module code.

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Our immo off files DVD contains solutions for more than 400 different ecu’s.

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What contain DVD? It contains:

  • 1100+ bin files
  • 220+ cod files
  • 250+ e2p files
  • 450+ pdf files
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  • other files

Total: more than 6000 files.





It is possible to find in some Peugeot 406 and 306 of French origin, one keyboard on the passenger compartment near the driver’s location.

For example, the Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel brings it visible in the center console while the Peugeot 406 can bring it under the steering wheel on the left side opening a similar cover to access the central fuse. There are also several types of immobilizer to combine their components which will be detailed in the Peugeot module of this manual. The vehicle owner must enter by typing a code 4 digits each time you try to start the engine. The lockout is also inhibiting stop valve in diesel conventional and locking control unit for vehicles with electronic injection diesel.

The advantages of the system is that just remember the code number is may give the conventional key start the engine. Another advantage is the simplicity of the system as there are no receivers or transmitters RF signal as in the case of transponders or IR as in the case of remote controls. The disadvantages are the need to enter the code every time you want to start the engine and if you forget your password will necessary to replace several expensive system components.



Immo OFF – Inmo off

Immo off files DVD

DVD contains more than 6000 files, instructions, pdf files, photos (where is ecu).
Dvd contains:

  • 1100+ bin files
  • 220+ cod files
  • 250+ e2p files
  • 450+ pdf files
  • 2100+ photos
  • other files

Total: more than 6000 files.
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Inmo de archivos DVD – Archivos de decodificación inmovilizador

DVD contiene más de 6000 archivos, instrucciones, archivos pdf, fotos (donde es ecu).
Dvd contiene:

  • 1100+ archivos .bin
  • 220+ archivos .cod
  • 250+ archivos E2P
  • 450+ archivos pdf
  • 2100+ fotos
  • + Otros archivos

Total: más de 6000 desinmovilizacion inmo off archivos.
La mayoría de los archivos son probados y trabajaron.

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Immo off soubory DVD

DVD obsahuje více než 6000 souborů, návody, PDF soubory, fotografie (pokud je ECU).
DVD obsahuje:

  • 1100+ .bin soubory
  • 220+ .cod soubory
  • 250+ e2p soubory
  • 450+ pdf soubory
  • 2100+ fotografie
  • + Další soubory

Celkem: více než 6000 souborů.
Většina souborů jsou testovány a pracoval.

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Immo off plików DVD

DVD zawiera ponad 6000 plików, instrukcje, pliki PDF, zdjęcia (gdzie jest ecu).
DVD zawiera:

  • 1100+ .bin pliki
  • 220+ .cod pliki
  • 250 + pliki e2p
  • 450 + pliki PDF
  • 2100+ zdjęcia
  • + Inne pliki

Razem: ponad 6000 plików.
Większość plików są testowane i pracował.

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Inmo off arquivos DVD

DVD contém mais de 6000 arquivos, instruções, os arquivos PDF, fotos (onde é ECU).
DVD contém:

  • 1100+ arquivos .bin
  • 220+ arquivos .cod
  • 250+ arquivos E2P
  • 450 + arquivos pdf
  • 2100+ fotos
  • + Outros arquivos

Total: mais de 6000 arquivos.
A maioria dos arquivos são testados e trabalhou.

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What elements involved in the immobilizer?

The transponder immobilizer system is comprised of the following components:

Keys apart with a chip inserted into the handle of the same are not any different with other types of keys. In some brands also used a master key or programming key so that usually of a different color. None of these keys need batteries to operate.

Reading unit, this acts as the power source and as an antenna. Shaped ring and is placed in the top of the contactor the ignition key.

Immobilizer control unit, usually located near the steering column under the dash. There is a tendency to include within other components such as the instrument panel or with the same antenna.

Engine control unit with no differences have outer concerning the same units as not incorporated immobilizer. In cases where the engine has not Control unit as in some diesel, the element is incorporated DDS. This component is installed on the pump injection on the stop valve oil pump and fulfills the same functions as the ECU.



The version of immobilizer fitted with crypto transponder contains only an only difference from the immobilizer does not. This difference lies in the type of communication between the transponder key and immobilizer unit. As explained in the first generations the code sent by the transponder key is always the same, and this is compared with the memorized. In the crypto transponder system adds a new code to the control unit can be memorized by the transponder during system initialization. Peugeot is one of the brands that use this technology. Each time the ignition is switched on, this code is no longer sent, but a key that is obtained from the combination thereof with a number Random created whenever there is a new transmission. Since this code it is impossible to be known, it is very difficult to make copies of keys, thereby increasing system security.



Certain vehicles as some Renault and Rover used a remote control emit a signal to enable starting the engine in addition to unlock and lock the doors.

These remote controls can not be confused with people who only handle lock doors. An important source of information to identify the type control has a vehicle owner’s manual is normally delivery along with documentation to buy the same. Even in this manual you will find important information on what concerning the implementation of emergency in case of loss of the key or transponder.

The remote control may be incorporated into the handle of the same key (Renault) or may be a separate control (Rover and Chrysler). In this case there is no antenna. The reading unit is a code receiver Infrared sometimes located in the ceiling in the rear view mirror. The system is completed by the electronic control units which can immobilizer not handle or the central locking of the doors and distance. This system can act on electronic lock control unit (Renault) or only on the main relay (Rover case) which inhibits the motor boot.

Each brand has its way of warning the driver if the system is in mode blocking issue that we will deal in detail when we see punctually each system.



To be continued…



Most of today’s vehicles are equipped from the factory with a theft security system, which usually starting blocks motor. Several types:

  • Transponder Key
  • Infrared Remote Command
  • Keypad


The market demands increasingly safe cars, both from the point view active and passive safety, but also concerned about the security of property deposited inside and difficulty opposed to be stolen.

For these reasons and legal basis in some countries, automakers incorporate these systems to ensure that only the authorized user can make use of the vehicle. One of the most used systems is the immobilizer transponder type, due to its high degree of inviolability and that requires from the user, other manipulation in performance than the simple fact operate the ignition key.

What is a transponder immobilizer?

Immobilizer transponder is a system that only allows booting vehicle with authorized keys. Try it with any other key means that the engine starts, but it only works for a few seconds (in most cases). The reason is that its operation is based on blocking the engine control unit, if not the circumstances giving adequate, not excite the relay of the fuel pump and not active or the injectors or power stage ignition (Some Ford are an exception to the latter). Logically, the engine starting is impossible.

How immobilizer transponders work?

There are several versions that differ in immobilizer some components, but the principles of operation basically are very similar. In the transponder immobilizer system, the key incorporates a small chip inserted into the handle of the same and that issues a code for radio frequency at the time the contact is actuated. This code is captured by an antenna or DVD drive, usually located in the ignition switch. The captured by the reader unit code is sent to the control unit immobilizer, which proceeds to compare it with the one stored. Simultaneously, the engine control unit sends to turn the unit the code for you, and is also compared with the memorized.

The immobilizer control unit allows the boot drive engine control when the codes issued by the key and drive motor control coincide with those stored in its memory during the recording process. In the event that one of the two codes does not match, the control unit loses engine start authorization and the engine stops approximately two seconds after startup has started. These Ones two seconds in which the engine starts are needed because authorization code flow through a single cable between units control and engine immobilizer.

Obviously, these systems allow the adaptation of several keys and replacement of any faulty component using the procedures corresponding. In some cases the use of equipment will be necessary Special and other simply employing a master key. As already established, the immobilizer not required for any intervention operation by the user of the car without is that of activating the ignition key in the usual way, so much so that in many cases the customer does not relate the fact that the engine does not start with the presence of this system. The mechanic must be clear: if the engine starts well, works well for two seconds and stops quickly, is very probable that the cause lies in an immobilizer problem.


To be continued…