It is possible to find in some Peugeot 406 and 306 of French origin, one keyboard on the passenger compartment near the driver’s location.

For example, the Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel brings it visible in the center console while the Peugeot 406 can bring it under the steering wheel on the left side opening a similar cover to access the central fuse. There are also several types of immobilizer to combine their components which will be detailed in the Peugeot module of this manual. The vehicle owner must enter by typing a code 4 digits each time you try to start the engine. The lockout is also inhibiting stop valve in diesel conventional and locking control unit for vehicles with electronic injection diesel.

The advantages of the system is that just remember the code number is may give the conventional key start the engine. Another advantage is the simplicity of the system as there are no receivers or transmitters RF signal as in the case of transponders or IR as in the case of remote controls. The disadvantages are the need to enter the code every time you want to start the engine and if you forget your password will necessary to replace several expensive system components.




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