The master key or programming

In this version of immobilizer system third key is incorporated distinct color. For the purpose of operation is identical to the other keys, but the recognized code emitted by the transponder unit immobilizer, this allows the programming of new keys. This is important not to use such goodwill regularly to avoid spoilage both as its loss. If the master key breaks down, is not possible to programming new keys or startup motor. Along with this key is customer delivery card (The CODE CARD) where there are two codes. One corresponds to the (machining) mechanical coding and the other five figures, that is the electronic code that will need to carry out the emergency starting procedure if loss or breakage of the key. On vehicles with electronic injection this code can be entered with the accelerator pedal or scanner. In diesel is only possible to enter the boot code emergency scanner. Then see how to perform these procedures with specific equipment manufacturer, although in the market already offer is also other able to perform these procedures. In the back of the card there are two spaces to implement the cards remote controls (if applicable) by code transmitter (key).

The reader / antenna

The reading unit or antenna is named for the function it performs. Its appearance is that of a ring of plastic on the upper end of ignition switch. Said plastic inserted in a coil and there capacitor electrically associated with it. When the ignition key is operated, the immobilizer control unit generates an alternating current flowing by producing a field coil electromagnetic, which as has been he explained above, will result in power supply of the key. It has also been suggested that the transponder key issues in these circumstances a signal RF signal is captured by the coil together with the capacitor now acts as an antenna. The signal collected by the antenna is a pulse train representing a code and is sent to the immobilizer unit for analysis. In the case of drive failure, the vehicle does not start with any Keys do not allow to these identified. One reason that is out of service is that the ring is not finding perfectly situated in the housing. This displacement regarding key prevents the voltage generated in the same. Accidental displacement can be caused during the execution of work in the area of ​​the ignition switch (removing the wheel, the housing of the steering column, and other).

This component can be replaced by another without having to apply any adaptation procedure.

The immobilizer control unit

The immobilizer control unit is usually mounted under the dash near the steering column and its appearance is usual in these elements, but smaller. As mentioned, the function of this unit is to authorize the engine control unit for vehicles with electronic injection or locking unit stop valve in diesel to boot the engine when used alone programmed keys. The process is carried out to achieve is:

When this unit receives ignition signal, it sends a current alternating the reading unit in order that the transponder key, now under voltage, cast your code. By the same cable, the unit receives the code in the form of pulse train. This code is compared with the stored during programming keys. To perform this function has about 250 milliseconds.

The unit can store immobilizer code up 7 keys plus the programming.

* The central immobilizer left side is yellow and placed in the vehicles with conventional diesel injection while the right corresponds to diesel electronic injection system and is black. It is clear that a fault in the unit immobilizer ignition interlocks motor. After replacement must be applied procedures adaptation of keys and engine control unit with the right equipment and using the specific access code for each unit and usually is provided by the manufacturer.

When an engine control unit is replaced it is also necessary program the immobilizer with for the new code. In these processes previously stored codes are cleared, so that neither the old keys nor previous control unit allow booting.


Text will continue soon…


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