Element DDS

In diesel engines, due absence of engine control unit, DDS component to stop the engine valve is incorporated. The assembly is shielded to prevent tampering with the system. The DDS meets the same

Function with respect to immobilizer unit motor control, i.e. has a code which is issued to immobilizer unit and receive the unlock code there from. This element prevents engine start shutting off current stop valve motor.

When should proceed to replacing the pump injection, it is necessary to apply the same procedure when a control unit is replaced motor.

Important: This master key system, both this component and the control unit in gasoline engines, stored permanently the key code, so it must be ensured before replacing that are the cause of failure, because not work on any other vehicle.

Warning light dashboard

There is an indicator light with a picture of a key and the word CODE on the instrument cluster immobilizer and related reporting to User’s operating status. The witness, powered by the control unit to operate the lights ignition and turns off after a few seconds in the event that everything is in order.

When the warning light stays on constantly, it indicates that there is a fault or that appropriate conditions are not met operation, such as a key is not encrypted. In some situations can be turned on or flashing and the engine just started indicating that something is happening. Then we will see the possible failures that are identified by the power of this light.

Procedure for adjusting keys master key

  • Enter the programming key in the ignition, drive it for 3 sec. or until the light turns off.
  • Remove the master key and insert the key service that intends to set up, operate the switch for 2 sec. and removing the key.
  • Repeat with all the keys intended schedule up to 7 and at least two keys.
  • Enter the programming key and the ignition is final the procedure.

If the procedure is not respected or a mistake, not programmed any key, so you have to repeat the process. The programming will be canceled if placed both contacting the same key twice and two keys with the same code transponder (this only happens when sent to make an electronic copy of the key since no factory authorizes this procedure).

Always will be programmed all keys available even those already programmed in programming since deleted the previous key codes.




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