Connector A

  1. Antena
  2. Not connected
  3. Mass antenna

Connector B

  1. Not connected
  2. Witness CODE
  3. +12 V battery (+30)
  4. Mass
  5. Not connected
  6. Serial line to the injection control
  7. Not connected
  8. +12 V with ignition key UP (+ 15)

The MASTER key code is the main code (master code) stored in the engine control unit and the control unit Fiat CODE; so the engine control unit and the MASTER key are inextricably linked. If lost or MASTER key is damaged, is not they can memorize new keys; without the MASTER key, if it breaks theFiat CODE control unit, the latter must be replaced, along with the exchange engine control.

NOTE. The car owner was advised to follow scrupulously the following instructions:

  • The MASTER key must be stored in a safe place (not in the car).
  • The MASTER key must be used only to memorize new keys.
  • The code card with the PIN should not be left in the car prevent theft, but also must be available to the procedure implementation of emergency.
  • The MASTER key test car ownership; at the time of the sale of the vehicle, it must be delivered to the new owner by the CODE Card.


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