It is done through the code card given to buy the vehicle with accelerator pedal or scanner.
If the code does not get Fiat off the engine immobilizer, the emergency lamps and electronic injection code remain lit.
For this procedure please have the card with the 5-digit code.
Place the contact. The lamps will be light.
Keep the throttle for 8 seconds until the light code is off
Releasing the accelerator stay flashing light. Count the flashes to match the value of the first digit of the code card and press the accelerator. The light will stay on.
Keep the throttle until the lamp is turned off. Release the accelerator again and again to count the pulses this time corresponding to the second digit of the code card. Proceed as way for the remaining digits. Once you perform the procedure in fifth digit and accelerator code trodden light turns off when you release the accelerator, the light injection flash quickly to confirm that the operation was conducted with success and it is possible to start the engine.
Do not remove the contact you start the engine. If so, wait 10 seconds before starting (in the Fiat coupe will have to do all the procedure again).
If the light stays on injection, repeat the entire operation again. Remember that if the throttle position sensor does not work, this operation will be invalid.
This process every time you try to start must be made to give engine 10 minutes after you have removed the contact.


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