The CODE witness is run by the Fiat CODE unit. His CODE warning is located on the dashboard. To the turn the ignition key to the ON position (+15) the witness can indicate one of the following situations:
– Lights up briefly (0.7s) and then turns off: key recognized, proper functioning of the system.
– Lights with flashing light: switchboards and motor control Fiat CODE have no stored code (virgin system).

Flash types:
By placing contact:
Lights 0.7 seconds and 2 seconds after flashing again: The ECU is a virgin, the engine starts, the vehicle is not protected. Code Universal active.

Lights with code 1 (one flash, pause, a flash, pause and so on): No communication between the central Electronics The immobilizer ECU and the engine (or if Diesel DDS). Check wiring
between plants.
Lights with code 2 (two flashes, pause, two flashes, pause, two flashes and so on): Antenna defective, absent or Transponder defective, the ECU has received an incorrect code). Try another key. If he continues to change the default antenna. Ask the customer if someone retired or change the ECU or immobilizer central.
– Steady on: the warning light permanently locked in
RUN position (+15) indicates one of the following abnormalities:

  • Key A or not recognized by the PBX Fiat CODE (does not allow engine operation).
  • B or serial line not connected or motor control units and Fiat CODE could not enter into communication.
  • C or New memorizing the keys has not been made correctly.

NOTES– If the CODE warning lights momentarily or permanently while driving or when starting the engine, does not necessarily mean there is a fault in the system. Sometimes it can be interpreted as an attempted robbery. In this case, for a true test of the system, we must stop car, stop the engine and put the key in the ignition switch STOP; turn the key to START again: the witness CODE It should come on and go off after about one second. If the warning light CODE remains still on after this procedure, you must repeat the operation leaving the ignition key STOP more than 30 seconds. If this attempt after the witness CODE continues on with the ignition key UP, it must make a Fiat CODE system diagnosis,

The first memorizing the keys at the factory. For check if you made memorization, enter a key in the and ignition switch into position UP (+15)
If the warning light CODE turns off, it means that the key has been stored, – If after about 2.5 seconds the witness begins to flash with CODE
most often it indicates that the system is still a virgin. The state of the Fiat CODE control unit can be checked through the scanner for the diagnosis of engine control unit. By virgin system it is understood as the engine control unit and Fiat CODE unit present in the car, have no code memorized (eg after an intervention that has forced change the two exchanges).


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